Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) - Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) - Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh - March 2016


3.76 out of 4.00

Thesis Work:

An Efficient and Cost-Effective Low-Power LED Driver with Power Factor Correction, Soft-Switched Converters and Controllable PWM Units

An efficient design of an electrically isolated low-power LED driver with active power factor controller (PFC) based on buck converter topology comprising a rectifier-fed-PFC unit which reduces the harmonic distortion of the mains line current by improving the sending-end power factor. There is a dc-link-inverter which consists of a soft switched buck converter and a parallel-loaded series L-C resonant inverter. At the receiving-end, there is a high frequency transformer provided isolation and a rectifier to feed appropriate voltage and current to a 12 W LED lighting load. 


Power Electronics


M Ziaur Rahman Khan, Professor

Selected Program of Study Courses:

Power System Operation & Control

High Voltage Engineering

Power Electronics

Solid State Devices

Energy Conversion I, II & III

Digital Signal Processing

Power System I & II

Continuous Signals & Linear Systems

Control Systems

Electronics I & II

Engineering Electromagnetics

Electrical Circuits I & II

Computer Programming

Digital Electronics

Electrical Properties of Materials

Communication Theory

Microprocessor and Interfacing

Compound Semiconductor and Hetero-Junction Devices