Power Electronics Engineer @GE (Vernova), PhD Candidate & Former Researcher (EE) @UofSC - Former Intern @NREL - High-Performance Real-Time Simulations of Power Electronic & Power System Models & Controls

I am a self-motivated learner and an intensive researcher. I have flourished as a methodologically and technically prudent professional who thoroughly explores and investigates the most relevant cutting-edge techniques and paradigms to innovate and implicate engineering solutions to complicated and prevalent practical problems. I believe in perseverance, collaborative teamwork and correlation of different domains. My persistent research contributions and substantial accomplishments are immensely benefiting both academic and industrial sectors, especially the U.S. Navy and Department of Energy (DOE).

My major research focus incorporates Power Electronics and Power Systems: Switched-Mode and Average Models of Converters & Associated Controls, Grid Models, Utility Applications, Electric Ship, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), Electric Vehicles (EVs) & Drives. The peripheral areas include Control Systems, Signal Processing and Machine Learning.

Web of Science - Verified Peer Review Score: 250+
Google Scholar - Citations: 350+, h-index: 10+, i-10-index: 10+
ResearchGate - Research Interest Score: 350+, Total Reads: 100k+

I am expecting to graduate this year. Currently, I am working as Power Electronics Project Software Engineer at General Electric Company (GE Power Conversion, part of GE Vernova), Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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